About Kristina


“Immersing in darkness to create light”

Kristina Johnsen's recent Garibaldi EP has already been garnering great praise from fans and critics alike. Featured as the unsigned artist of the week as well as the top-scoring new music critique in Music Connection magazine's May issue, she has been described by critics as "a unique talent" and "among the most beautiful voices we have heard" (Keep Walking Music) and an artist "with probing lyrics that make it clear the singer is an alert, intelligent and confident individual" (Music Connection). Her songs have been featured on the Women of Substance Podcast as well as on Future House Cloud's Future of Pop Spotify playlist.

She declared her love for music at a young age. Raised in a family of musicians, she began singing as soon as she could talk. Her insatiable curiosity in music led her to play the violin as soon as she could hold one without dropping it. Over the years, she has continued performing in choirs, musicals, bands, and as a soloist. Kristina’s early experience in orchestras helped her bridge the nuances between influences as vast as Tchaikovsky and We Are Scientists.

Graduating with a BFA from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, visual elements form the core of her approach to musical aesthetics. She draws sonic and conceptual inspiration from the mystery of mountains and snowboard culture. Lyrically, her songs serve as windows into her world. The world can be a dark place, and music can be the bright light that helps everything from the difficult to the mundane make more sense. No matter where she goes, she aims to bring the joy of music along with her, already performing across three continents. Recently, her passion for music led her to pack up her guitars and make the move from her hometown of Lansing, Michigan, to the wild west in Los Angeles, California. Kristina Johnsen’s debut EP, Garibaldi, is already moving mountains in 2018. Look for her on tour this fall.

For all booking inquiries, please contact kristinajohnsenmusic@gmail.com.